Entourage Not Responding : Get Solution To Fix It

Entourage not responding, get all the technical and relevant information to fix this issue. Here what will you do if you get such issue, you can follow the three given step. With the proper guidance and given steps you can easily fix this issue. It's really baffle situation for you, while you open your Entourage and get to know it's not showing the mails correctly or even “Hang” for few moment. In this situation you only hit hard keyboard button in hope that something will happen and all the issue will go off. It's not going to happen, the situation is not going to be control by hitting hard your keyboard or Restarting the system will also not help you to overcome with this situation. To fix entourage not responding issue you need some technical help and proper guidance, well you can also use Entourage Fixer for this.

Well Entourage is popular application which work like a personal assistance for you to manage your emails, task list, calender, address book and few more important functionality. In this case if you got stuck with such kind of error then it's really bad. However not only there is few more error which your Entourage will show. Check out some common error message shown by Entourage :

Entourage Not Responding.
The Office database is damaged.
The action could not be completed.
An unknown error (4362) occurred.
Entourage cannot access your data.
To try to fix the problem, rebuild database.

Software To Be Use To Fix Entourage Not Responding Error

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair

Power Entourage Recovery Software

Wondershare Entourage Recovery for Mac

Cisdem Entourage Recovery

What To Do Now To Fix Entourage Not Responding?

On this article you will find some helpful point which will for sure help you in fixing entourage not responding issue. Entourage is one of the popular Email application which provides calender, task list, email, project manager functionality, address book, and list famously used for Apple desktop or Laptop as a Small business card. If you got some issue with it then without any delay you need to fix it. There will some moment where you got frustrated with entourage not responding issue, however getting frustrated and doing nothing is not a proper way to solve it. There is number of solution which can fix this kind of risky error, as like you can use Entourage Database Utility for the quick solution or all you have to do is follow the steps throughly.

Step 1 : Create New Microsoft User Data Folder

  • When you open Entourage for time, you have created a new "Microsoft User Data" folder. If you got such type of issue then you need to create new Microsoft User Data Folder to fix it.
  • Quit all running application.
  • Move Microsoft User Data Folder to an external hard disk, or to your desktop or to a network location.
  • Launch Entourage, here new IDENTITY_NAME folder will created automatically.
  • Quit Entourage.
  • Find the folder and then rename the database with new name.
  • Re-Launch your Entourage to see the entourage not responding problems is fixed, if not then try to follow next step.

Step 2 : Reset Entourage

  • Close all the running applications.
  • Hold the “Option” button on your keyboard, then press the Entourage icon.
  • On Database Utility Windows select primary Entourage identity and click on “Rebuild Database” Button.
  • Click “Continue” to confirm ( depending on size of you mail data this process will take time).
  • When rebuilding process is finished the click on “Done” option.
  • Close all the application and re-launch the Entourage to see the entourage not responding is fixed or not.

Note : Reseting the database can drain out all your data, in this situation you need to Entourage Data Recovery Software to get all the data back on your Mac system.

Step 3 : Repair Disk Permissions

  • On “Finder” menu click on “Go” and then choose “Home”.
  • Open Application Folder and the select Utilities folder to open it.
  • On left column of Disk Utility Windows, select your Mac HD.
  • Then click on First Aid option.
  • Afterward click on Repair Disk Permissions.
  • When the process is finished, restart you computer.

If still you are not able to fix entourage not responding issue the you need to Entourage Repair/Recovery Software. This error can be turn really damaging for you, due to this issue your data can also get lost or corrupt. Therefore in such case you need a support of Recovery Software. Here is the list of Few softwares which can easily accomplish such task.

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Top Software To Fix Entourage Not Responding Issue :

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair :

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair is designed to repair almost all critical cases of Entourage database corruption, it includes application conflicts, hardware failures, Mac OS bugs, and bad sectors on the hard disk and few more. The easy interface and managed modules of this application make it very user friendly and doesn’t need any technical expertise to work on it. It will easily perform Entourage 'Database' repair process. Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair / Recover software will repair and recover all Entourage data which get lost or corrupt due to above described errors.

Features Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair / Recover Software
  • Recover all repaired Entourage items.
  • Display preview of recoverable items.
  • Entourage database repair.
  • Create Entourage Repair Log report.
  • Friendly User Interface.
Pros :
  • Repair all Entourage error by scanning entire Entourage database.
  • Show the list of database items, provide a option to save recoverable item.
  • Easy & Secured recovery of corrupt Entourage files.
Cons :
  • No negative review
System Requirements
  • Processor : Intel processor
  • Supported OS : macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5 & 10.4
  • Memory : 1 GB Minimum RAM
  • Hard Disk : 50 MB of Free Hard Disk Space
Testimonials :

"Thankfully after several error I finally able to fix my entourage not responding error. Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair / Recovery software help me a lot to get my corrupted Entourage files back.


"I was really frustrated, when I come to know that my entourage is not responding, and later on is few files is missing from address book and from tasks list. Finally I got Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair / Recovery software which bring my all gone data back to my system.


Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair

Power Entourage Recovery Software :

Power Entourage Recovery Software is one of the most useful software to repair and recover Entourage data. Entourage contains mails, address book and many more features, which sometime get corrupted due to few error. In this situation a proper Entourage Repair software like Power Entourage Recovery Software is very useful.

Features Of Power Entourage Recovery Software :
  • Allow deep scanning to find corrupted and deleted data
  • Attractive user interface
  • Recover almost all kind of files
Pros :
  • Easy to use
  • Three different scanning modules
Cons :
  • Not work with all the files
  • No proper technical supports
System Requirements
  • Processor : Intel Pentium 1000MHz and above
  • Supported OS : Mac OS X 10.5 and above
Testimonials :

"I thought I have lost my list folder after I come to know that Entourage is showing some error due to which many of its file is not showing. But few try I finally got Power Entourage Recovery Software which really help me to get my lost file back.


"My all important mails and address book including more features get corrupted. But all the credit goes to Power Entourage Recovery Software which help me in recovering Entourage data.


Power Entourage Recovery Software

Wondershare Entourage Recovery for Mac :

Recover Entourage data with Wondershare Entourage Recovery for Mac. There will come many situation where you lost your data due to Entourage corruption. This application is safe and effective to recover lost and corrupted data which includes lost videos, photos, music, Entourage Database files documents, emails, etc. It can recover the data from your Mac systems hard drive as well as from USB drives, external hard drives, and other storage devices. Entourage is important application which provide to handle mails, address book, list and many more functions. Lost of important data is stored which on corruption show error. So this Wondershare Entourage Recovery for Mac will make fix and recover the lost files.

Feature of Wondershare Entourage Recovery for Mac :
  • Recover data from Macbook/Mac Mini/iMac
  • Deal the data issue in Memory card
  • Support All types of storage devices
  • Preview all the files the software finds
  • Partition Recovery
Pros :
  • It is 100 % safe to use
  • Recover all kind of data
  • Easy to scan for the lost files
Cons :
  • Need Internet connection
  • Difficult to find data from external drive
System Requirements :
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB and above free space
  • Processor : 1GHz Or above (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Memory : 256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)
  • Supported OS : Mac OS X 10.13(High Sierra), 10.12(Sierra), 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10(Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, or 10.6
Testimonials :

"It's an amazing tool to use, very easy interface, easy to work on it and most important repair Entourage errors and recover almost all kind of Data


"Thankfully Wondershare Entourage Recovery tool was available, it help me a lot to fix entourage not responding issue. I thought I lost all the related data but hope fully I got Wondershare Entourage Recovery tool. Five Out of Five star for fixing my issue.


Wondershare Entourage Recovery for Mac

Cisdem Entourage Recovery :

A useful and most trusted recovery software. This software will deeply find any type of files which include RAW files also. Well it can easily manage to repair and recover corrupted Entourage data, can find the error is doc files and recover. Cisdem Entourage Recovery is best suitable data recover software, retrieve emails messages, address book and many more.

Features Of Cisdem Entourage Recovery :
  • Deeply Find Any File Type
  • Selectively Recover What You Want
  • Classify Recoverable Data by File Types
  • Check & Preview Lost Data for Free
Pros :
  • Scan quickly to recover data
  • Allow you to chose files types
Cons :
  • Make hard to use
  • Require High resolution display
System Requirements :
  • Processor : 1G Hz or above Intel processor.
  • Display : 1024×768 or higher resolution display.
  • Memory : 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more.
  • Supported OS : OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.12 Sierra.
Testimonials :

"I would like to thanks the supporting, without their help I shouldn't recover my lost files. You guys are really supporting. Thanks for making by work simpler.


"The most useful software you will ever get, easy for all kind of user. Full specification to recover all kind of data.


Cisdem Entourage Recovery

Software To Recover Entourage Data And Other Related Data

Pandora Recovery Software :

Pandora Recovery utility is one of most power tool to recover all most all kind of deleted files. It is quite simple to use and easily to maintain. You are allowed to select different drive to chose the files from where to recover. Enable deep scanning techniques which will recover the one moth lost data.

Features Of Pandora Recovery Software :
  • Deep scanning methods
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Scan for all deleted files
  • Preview the recoverable files
Pros :
  • Work simply, no need to wander more
  • Recover files deleted for long time
Cons :
  • Not recover few files
  • Can make your system slow for sometime
  • In supporting ads
System Requirements :
  • Processor : Intel
  • Hard Disk : More that 500 MB
  • Supported OS : Mac OS
Testimonials :

"It is easy to install and work, sometime freeze but overall work fine. I recover most of my deleted photos.


"I am very much satisfied with the performance of this application, it help me to find my Entourage mails and address book, even I lost my photos long time ago, but thankfully this application help me to recover all these data.


Pandora Recovery Software
Download Pandora

Best Software To Be Choosen

Error such as entourage not responding will cause serious damage to entourage database files. In this situation choosing right steps and effective repair tool like Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software might be very help for you. Entourage is like a personal assistance for you which is effective in handing emails chats, address book, notes, to-do-list, and few more feature, and having such important application make your business complete. Unfortunately there are some error which all of the sudden occurs, like Entourage Not Responding, The Office database is damaged, The action could not be completed, An unknown error (4362) occurred, Entourage cannot access your data, To try to fix the problem, rebuild database in this case your best decision can make you overcome from the damage.

As you learn the few steps which is given might help you fix the error, steps like, Create New Microsoft User Data Folder, Reset Entourage, and Repair Disk Permissions. These manual steps will really help you to fix the entourage not responding error. However there is more relevant repair and recovery tool is mentioned, which will fix such typical error and even help you getting back your lost database files. But the foremost question arises in your mind after seeing bunch of Entourage Repair tool, which one will best for such error. Which one will be suitable for quick action and must be very easy to use.

All the point indicate to one advance repair and recovery tool which is Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software. Why this one, as there is number of tool present why to choose Stellar Repair Software. What make this software best from other one. Let's take ride which make your understand why Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is better than other. Some key features and easy installation and user guide will help you understand this.

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software : Why Better Than Other Softwares

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is powerful application which will repair all kind of corruption occurs on your Entourage database files. This powerful application rebuild the corrupted database without making any changes to the particular corrupted files. With desire location choosing option you can select where to save the repaired files, it can handle almost all the mails, calendar, address book, notes, tasks and reminders data to repair it and also to recover it.

Key Features :

  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger.
  • Repairs corrupted RGE files from Entourage 2008 and Entourage 2004.
  • The recovered data is stored as a new RGE file, which can be imported in Entourage later.
  • Repairs and restores corrupted emails, tasks, notes, contacts, and calendar items.
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface that resembles MS Entourage.
  • Counters for all folder, showing the number of items contained in the folders.
  • Read-only software, the integrity of the original file does not hamper.
  • Generates 'Log Report' of the recovered items, which can be referred later.
  • Previews of recovered messages.
Proper Installation Guide For Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software :

  • Download StellarPhoenixEntourageRepair.dmg.zip file
  • After the download completed Unzip the downloaded file with the proper tool.
  • After the double click on the files StellarPhoenixEntourageRepair volume to open the main installation windows.
  • Move the Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair file to your Application folder.
  • To launch the tool, click ( Double click ) on Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair software
  • After it launch it will display the License Agreement Window, Click on the Accept box to open the software
User Guide Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software :

  • Launch the Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software.

  • Click on the Entourage Database files and click to start recovery process.

  • The scanning process will start sit calm until the process not finish ( Take few minutes).

  • After that the a log report will be displayed of all the recoverable files.

  • Now display the preview of all the recoverable data.

  • Then save all the recoverable data to you predefined location.

  • All the files will be saved successfully.